A Trip Down Memory Lane with Bob McLennan.

  • By Mal Peter
  • 12 Apr, 2017

Bob McLennan’s Nostalgic Recollections of the OBGFC 60 years ago

Robert ‘Bob’ McLennan joins me at another Brighton institution, The Brighton Baths, to reflect on the formation of the club and his memories of the early days from 1957 to 1974 when he started as a young 21-year-old ruckman who went on to become one of our most decorated players, and eventually senior coach.

Bob recalls fondly those early days, although apologetically his memory sometimes fails him, he is quick to recall the events and people that were instrumental in the formation of the Old Brighton Grammarian Football Club.

Bob’s father - George Ormond Carlyle McLellan - worked as the Senior Audit Manager for the then Union Bank (which later became the ANZ Bank) and moved from Port Augusta to Sydney where he married Elizabeth ‘Foss’ Callaghan (a wonderful pianist and many believed could have been an opera singer in another life) and had three boys over eleven years. ‘Orm’ (Ormond), 11 years Bob’s senior, and Ron, 6 years Bob’s senior. At just 6 months of age the McLellan family moved again to Melbourne this time, and into St Andrews street Brighton, on the corner of Outer Crescent, directly across the road from OBGFC founding president, Nick Walsh.

Robert ‘Bob’ McLellan was enrolled into Brighton Grammar School across the road, and this is where he excelled in all sports. Although not an academic by Bob’s definition, he found his mark as a popular and talented sportsman. Not only was Bob Captain of the School in 1954 (and also Captain of the Junior School), he was also Captain of Football, Athletics, and Swimming. After leaving school Bob played some football for Power House FC and one of the Melbourne University teams (Blues or Blacks, he can’t recall).

“The reason I was able to go to BGS was the fact that Mum decided to teach piano at the Shefte College of Music in Elizabeth Street to pay for it. She wouldn’t arrive home till about 9pm”, Bob recalls.

The Walsh and McLellan families were close and one day in 1956 Nick ventured across the road to inform Bob that he was re-forming the Old Brighton Football Club (after the Old Brightonians FC had disbanded due to the outbreak of war in 1939) and that he would like Bob to be involved.

Bob immediately became a key member of the team, becoming the inaugural Vice Captain and was also on the first ever committee, along with OBGFC legends Bruce and Keith Robinson, John Tilton, Bob Lane, John Edwards, & Doug Ridley, among many others. (Bruce Robinson was also the first Captain of the club).

In 1957 the OBGFC were admitted into ‘E’ Section of the VAFA, and under the coaching of Bill Fitzgerald who had previously been involved with the Old Brightonians pre-war, and had come from Collingwood where he had been the reserves Captain, they embarked upon their inaugural season. Bob is listed as coming 3rd in that seasons competition Best and Fairest award, on 17 votes (the leader won with 20).

The following year, 1958, under new coach, popular but strict BGS teacher Horrie Webber, the team made the finals. The team had a formidable forward line that year with Doug Ridley and Bruce Robinson combining for 93 goals, and Bob winning the competition B&F with a staggering 43 ½ votes, which is still a VAFA record tally today.

In those early days, the team played their matches on Saturdays on the Crowther Oval, after relentlessly campaigning for permission from then Headmaster - Canon Wilson. Bob recalls that the oval was much the same today as it was then, “small”, but with one major difference – Cramer Walk which today separates the Crowther and Junior Ovals, was then an actual Road ‘Cramer Street’, with cars and buses regular users between New Street and Outer Crescent.

The team also played out of Halifax Street Oval, and the Highett ‘Gas Works’ Oval in the early 60’s before eventually moving to the current home ground, Beach Road Oval in 1963 (which cost the club the exorbitant fee of £20 for the year).

The social facilities were non-existent back then and most of the socialising was done at Kyhat’s Hotel or at people’s homes. Kyhat’s served as the basis for the majority of recruiting work done back then, as it was the regular ‘watering hole’ for the Old Boys around the area. Bob also wonders how the team managed to play so well back in the days, considering Friday nights at Kyhats was when the team was assembled for the following day, and most, if not all of the players, rarely left without having conducted a “heavy drinking session”.

Other social gatherings consisted of ‘Pleasant Sunday BBQ’s in the backyard of a player or coaches house, and most famously ‘The Shed’ which was just that, a 5x5x1.5 metre dirt floor shed in the backyard of John Boucher’s McKinnon Road house. Furnished with a trestle at one end and with kegs supplied by Kyhat’s Hotel, this was the regular meeting place for the entire team plus supporters. Stories of ‘The Shed’ are hilariously detailed in John ‘Nobby’ Forster’s and Michael Wood’s contributions to the “OBGFC – A Tribute” book.

Bob recalls the passion and efforts of President Nick Walsh to pull the group together, and says that “Nick was a lovely man, and he was very fatherly to all the players, but he was very fond of me in particular. Always making a fuss of me and building me up at every opportunity. He was a wonderful man”. Nick Walsh only passed away in January last year (2016), 6 months after turning 100 years of age.

Bob was a tireless and respected ruckman, who says he like to “hog the position”, which is backed up by a recollection from an extract in the 1967 “Tonner Times newsletter.. “ All those heroes of the Crowther Oval. Buddha’s Uncle Rick, Charlie Sedgewick the greatest of all full backs, Dave Pullman, the best talker in the game (Bert Draper and Steve Priestly rolled into one), and the greatest of them all, the old sage, Bob McLellan – who never missed a knockout. He’d ruck all day, I know, I was supposed to change with him in the back pocket”.

After playing, Bob seamlessly moved into coaching, taking the club from ‘D’ Grade up to ‘C’ grade in his 2nd season as coach. After 4 years as senior coach, Bob (and wife Alison) moved to Cobram as a teacher, and after a period there (with stints in Country football as an umpire) they bought a caravan park in Swan Hill. After 7 years there, they returned to Melbourne, moving from owning hotels and book stores from South Yarra to East Melbourne.

Bob is a regular down the club these days, rarely missing a home game, and was even team manager in 2006/2007. Most notably, Bob is the author of the wonderful book ‘ Old Brighton Grammarians Football Club – A Tribute’ , which brilliantly details the history of the club from its pre-war origins, right up to today. Bob is very humble about this project he took on, and constantly reminds me of all the people who helped and contributed to this book.

Asked about the best players he ever saw represent Old Brighton, Bob gives up names freely and is unable to separate them. In no particular order:

  • Doug Ridley - a medium height forward, skillfull, fast and courageous. Hard to stop goal kicker.
  • Barry & Noel Pryor – can’t split them. Both wonderfully skillfull who gave their all every time they took the field.
  • Barry Morris – a half back, strong and tough. Always ran straight at the ball and never gave up.
  • Rick Thomas – Fantastic midfield footballer. Skillfull, tough, fast. Kicked goals and never got beat.
  • Greg Kelly – had skill on both sides of his body. Terrific mark and could kick goals. Unfortunate head injury prevented him from playing much longer than he should have.

Bob won the clubs Best & Fairest award in 1957, 1958, 1962 & 1964, and was club Captain in 1958-1959, and 1966. He then went on to coach the senior team from 1971-1974. Bob was named in the Ruck position in OBGFC’s best team of 1957-2007, and he was selected in the BGS Team of the Century.

Bob and Alison have two children, Maxine and Adam (BGS ‘89), and 4 grandchildren, Isabella, Ava, Rhys and Emma.

-David Paterson

By Mal Peter 10 Oct, 2017

The President and committee invites the Old Brighton community to attend its traditional Sport & Comedy fund raising event hosted by our great sponsors at Riva and featuring the ‘long late-lunch’ format with a focus on Sport & Comedy. Don’t miss AFL and media personalities that always attend as guests of Drewe Bellmaine. COST $120 per head of $1000 for a Table of 10.

Special Guests include, Sam Newman, Max Gawn and Shane Crawford




The Club encourages “The Faithful” devotees to assist in the putting together a table of ten, however, individual bookings or reservations for any number are welcome.

For bookings and enquiries please contact one of the following:

MICHAEL WOOD   0418 592 790

RICHIE GEE   0499 992 872

JOHN RAWLINSON   0404 885 661

DAVID PATERSON   0412 444 325

By Mal Peter 25 Sep, 2017
Old Brighton Grammarians confirmed its status as the top Premier B team this season by defeating Old Scotch in the Grand Final on Saturday by 36 points. It was the fourth time the two clubs have clashed this year and this was the best of them. Played in fine conditions at the Trevor Barker Oval, Old Brighton won a tough, desperately fought encounter before an enthusiastic crowd who was unsure of the result until well into the final term. Although leading all day and looking the winners, the Tonners needed a spectacular Pat Liston goal to answer the Cardinals’ late thrust, and an astonishing effort from Moore Medallist, Harry Hill, to seal the match with a few minutes to go. When Harry jumped on a superb piece of ruckwork by Tom King and charged out of the centre, he set sail for the distant goalmouth and launched the ball which was picked up by the breeze, and lifted through for the Tonners’ ninth goal. Minutes later, the dynamic Tonners’ skipper burst from a pack and dashed in to seal the Tonners’ fifth Senior premiership and the first since 2013.

For the full match report go to the "Match Reports" section of the OBGFC website.
By Mal Peter 17 Sep, 2017

Reserves through to the Grand Final after comprehensive win over Old Carey in Saturdays preliminary final!!

'Roscoes Ressies' will join the Seniors on Grand Final Day next Saturday after keeping Old Carey goalless in the first half and continuing the demolition in the 2nd half, winning by 51 points..

Both teams will play Old Scotch in a replay of the first week of finals in what shapes up as a huge day for the OBGFC.

By Mal Peter 13 Sep, 2017

Our champion co-skipper, Harry Hill, has blitzed the field in the Premier B, G.T. Moore Medal count, winning with 25 votes . Harry won by nine votes from Old Scotch skipper, Jack Bull. Our boys polled 90 of the 108 votes allocated to our matches. Harry produced a withering burst of form in the second half of the season, polling seven Best on Grounds in the last eight matches. One can only wonder what his tally would have been if he had not missed five games with a broken thumb! The radio commentators who spoke to Harry on air after the count, were gobsmacked when Harry clarified that “missing a couple”, actually meant five games!

Picking up a few in the first couple of matches, Harry wasn’t in the betting at the half-way mark, with team-mates Ben Jarick (11), Michael Karayannis (10), Andy Dewar (9) and Alex Mastromanno (9), all ahead of him. But those who had seen the Tonners’ matches were just waiting and rubbing our hands together in anticipation. Then came the rush! “Old Brighton … 3 votes … H. Hill”. It was like listening to a stuck record! Well done Harry. After claiming second place last year, you deserve this honour and we salute you. Harry might have stiffer opposition in our own vote count, but before then, there’s one more thing that needs to be done!

G.T.Moore Votes

Old Brighton Grammarians polled 90 of a possible 108 votes in the Premier B vote count for 2017.

Harry Hill                           25

Ben Jarick                         13

Michael Karayannis       10

Andrew Dewar                 9

Alex Mastromanno         9

Ben Jakobi                         4

Ollie Cavallaro                 4

Anthony Zimmerman     3

Nick Coroneos                 3

Dylan Verney                   2

Pat Liston                           2

Jimmy Davis                     2

Tom Fisher                         1

Tom King                           1

Matt Gadsden                 1

Brock Rawlinson             1


The Count provided the following fantastic result.

R1 v Peninsula:                 3- N.Coroneos                 2- H. Hill,             1 – M. Gadsden

R2 v Mazenod:                   3- A. Dewar                       2- B. Jarick         1 – H. Hill

R3 v Fitzroy:                       3 – A. Mastromano         2 – O. Cavallaro               1 – R. Angiolella (Fitzroy)

R4 v Monash Blues:         3- M. Karayannis             2- B. Jarick         1. D. Verney

R5 v Parkdale:                   3- B. Jarick                         2. A. Mastromanno         1. M. Karayannis

R6 v St. Bernards:             3. A. Dewar                       2. P. Liston         1. T. King

R7 v Old Carey:                 3. B. Jakobi                       2. M. Karayannis               1. L. Crozier (Old Carey)

R8 v Old Scotch:               3. A. Mastromanno         2. J.Bull (Old Scotch)       1. D. Verney

R9 v AJAX:                         3. N. Lewis (AJAX)             2. A. Dewar         1. M. Karayannis

R10 v Monash Blues:       3. K. Mason (Monash)     2. E.East (Monash)           1. T. Fisher

R11 v Fitzroy:                      3. H. Hill                             2. O. Cavallaro                 1. R. Angiolella (Fitzroy)

R12 v Parkdale:                 3. H. Hill                             2. M. Karayannis               1. A. Mastromanno

R13 v Peninsula:               3. H. Hill                             2. J. Davis                           1. M. Karayannis

R14 v Old Scotch:             3. H. Hill                             2. B. Jarick                         1. A. Dewar

R15 v St. Bernards:         3. C. Hughes (St.B)           2. T. Caven (St. B)             1. H. Hill

R16 v AJAX:                       3. H. Hill                             2. B. Jarick                         1. B. Rawlinson

R17 v Old Carey:               3. H. Hill                             2. B. Jarick                         1. A. Zimmerman

R18 v Mazenod:               3. H. Hill                             2. A. Zimmerman             1. B. Jakobi

By Mal Peter 10 Sep, 2017

OBGFC will return to the Premier Division for the first time since 2014 following their 23-point win over Old Scotch at Box Hill City Oval. The Tonners were in control from the outset as they kicked four unanswered goals in the first term, before keeping the Cardinals to just two despite having the bulk of the play in the second. Leading by 17 points after a heated first half, the minor premiers sent home another six goals to five in the second half to run out the game comfortable victors. Daniel Anthony and Anthony Zimmerman kicked two goals each and were named best for the Tonners

By Mal Peter 05 Sep, 2017

Thanks to all who attended and donated to the 6oth anniversary event. We raised more than $40,000 for the club via Auctions and Silent Auctions.

 A big thanks to The Factory Showroom, APN Outdoor Media, QMS Outdoor Media, Michaels of Brighton, Travel Leaders, Lovina Bali resort, Fox Footy, Sugar Baby, Pure Products, Lizie Clifton,Bond Night Club,RIVA, Yarramanua, Drummonds Golf, Camden Signage, Aptos Seafoods, Emerald Hotel, Steakout Meatworks Brighton.

 Also to the subcommittee-Pauline Anthony, Ted Jarick, Frank Cavallero,Rosie Jakobi, Jack Geddes and Marshall Hill - What a team!!!!!

By Mal Peter 03 Sep, 2017

We are excited to announce that Indi Tait and Morgan Mc Gregor have been selected to play in a "Young Guns" team which is a showcase game being conducted by AFL Victoria for up and coming talent in Women's football.

AFL Victoria surveyed AFLW clubs recruiting departments for nominations for players to participate in the game. A list of 140 was compiled from all competitions in Victoria and a short list of 44 was selected to participate in the game. Only 16 players from the VAFA made the final list.

The game will be held on Saturday 16th September at Coburg City Oval at 12:00 noon as a curtain raiser to the VFLW Preliminary final.
Congratulations to Indi and Morgs!!

By Mal Peter 08 Aug, 2017
The OBGFC Best & Fairest presentation night is being held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on Friday 6th October from 7.00pm.

The President and Committee cordially invite all players, Coaches, Sponsors, Supporters and Friends to the 2017 OBGFC Best & Fairest Presentation Dinner. It will be an enjoyable occasion as usual, with music, food and drinks available.

Entry is $95.00 per head which includes a 2 course meal, beer , wine and soft drinks. The Dress is Jacket and Ties and the RSVP cut off is Monday 2nd October.
By Mal Peter 08 Aug, 2017

India Tait has been named as one of five finalists in the Anytime Fitness Rising Star awards. After a thorough deliberation process, the five nominees shortlisted to win the 2017 Anytime Fitness Rising Star Award are in.

Those shortlisted and in the running to take out the coveted award at next Monday’s Women’s Presentation Night are Charlotte Pooley (Collegians), India Tait (Old Brighton), Meg Hermann (Old Carey), Natalie MacDonald (Marcellin) and Sarah Cameron (SKOB Saints).

Although in its first year for the women, the Rising Star Award has long been an accurate prelude of future football success, with previous men’s winners including two-time Woodrow Medallist Brendan Iezzi (2007), VFL listed players James Fletcher (2015), Anthony Scott (2014), Lachie Ferguson (2012) and Nick Wynne (2009) and AFL player Dan Nicholson (2010).

India Tait played just seven games for the Tonners this season, but was named in the best on six occasions. She was named the Anytime Fitness Rising Star nominee for Round 7 after leading the way with two goals in her side’s Development Division 1 victory over Ormond.

What the club said: “India is a very courageous midfielder who always puts the team first. She is a multi-talented sportswoman who also is an excellent soccer player for Bayside United. Her all ’round ball skills make her a formidable opponent.”

You can tell us who you think will win the 2017 Anytime Fitness Rising Star Award by voting on the poll on the VAFA home page.

By Mal Peter 19 Jul, 2017

Gala Ball- time is running out to get your tickets for the Gala Ball. Contact Louise Graham or Jack Geddes to book your seat now so you don't miss out on the best celebration for the year!

This will be the night of the year for the OBGFC with live music by Bobby Valentine, some amazing auction items including advertising packages worth $100,000, Diamond rings, a Bali Holiday and so much more.

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