JULY 22nd, 2017 - 2:00 PM - Brighton Beach Oval


The most unpleasant weather conditions for the season greeted spectators who gathered to watch the Tonners take on the Peninsula Pirates, who steered their course for South Rd on a freezing nor’-wester and were comprehensively scuttled. The unbeaten Premier B leaders were in no mood to show any mercy for the cellar-dwellers, and after an even first term, bolted away to hand out a 90 point drubbing to the visitors. Co – Captain, Harry Hill, is bent on making up for lost time, and after a mid-season absence through injury, Harry is in rich form, dominating yesterday and making light of very difficult conditions. He kicked five outstanding goals, the best of them from a sharp angle after running down an opponent and tackling him brilliantly.

The Pirates had first use of the savage wind but were unable to make any impression on the Tonners’ defence. They were always under pressure, leaving Andy Dewar and Dylan Verney to intercept regularly and drive the Pirates back. The Tonners opened the scoring when Ollie Cavallaro drove a strong shot into the teeth of the wind and we were able to nullify the Pirates’ advantage, leading by a point at the first break. Ben Jarick had seized the initiative in the ruck and his mid-fielders worked hard to maintain possession in conditions that hurled the ball towards the railway boundary, and often over it. Not surprisingly, all players found it difficult to follow the curling flight of the ball that changed direction drastically if players did not kick it low and hard. On the balcony, up in the swirling whorls, we fought to keep circulation in our fingers while the diners behind the glass swapped recollections of premiership heroics achieved forty years ago.

The Tonners worked to a strong lead in the second quarter when Harry began his burst that saw him kick three consecutive goals, all requiring great skill to negotiate the wind. After half-time, the Tonners took over completely, scoring 5.8 to 3.1 into the breeze. Harry made it four in a row with his shot from the old cricket pitch pocket, Karayannis snapped another and young Joel Balleggi did really well to convert a difficult set shot and then mark strongly in front for another. Matt Gadsden almost incited a riot amongst his old team-mates on the balcony when he goaled in the square and calmly ignored their raucous heckling from the freezing heights. The Tonners swept into attack and peppered the sticks throughout a term that took the game completely out of the Pirates’ reach. 

In the final term, we raced away to an emphatic victory. Jimmy Davis is back with a vengeance and he staked his claim for a permanent berth, darting about, charging in under packs and causing consternation with his pace and focus on the ball. Michael Slater will one day be one of our best players. He did well yesterday, using his strength to win the ball and his excellent disposal to put it to advantage. Pat Liston has been a priceless inclusion this season and his skill was especially vital all day in the erratic wind. Ben Jarick played intelligently at the stoppages and kicked the ugliest goal we are likely to see for the year!

The stage is set for the long-awaited rematch with Old Scotch, with whom we drew earlier in the season. Both sides will be out for bragging rights in what looks to be an early preview of a semi-final clash in September. The Scotchies had a massive victory over St. Bernards yesterday so are obviously in top form. One can only hope that the huge crowd likely to flock to the game, will be spared the freezing conditions that accompanied yesterday’s fixture.

OBGFC:              1.2   6.7   11.15   16.21.117
PENINSULA:    1.1   1.1     4.2         4.3.27

Goals: Hill 5, Karayannis 4, Balleggi 2, Cavallaro, Gadsden, King, Jarick, Forato.
Best: Hill, Karayannis, Liston, A. Dewar, Davis, Jarick, Mastromanno, Slater, Verney. 



JULY 22nd, 2017 - 11.40 AM - Brighton Beach Oval


With their line-up nourished by the inclusion of Tom Garner and Luke Healy, the Roscoes prospered despite the appalling wind that lashed the Beach Oval. It compromised the Minstrel’s accuracy but not his ability to find the footy and he reckoned later that night that he had about twenty shots at goal!

The Roscoes were simply far too good for their opposition, some of whom were apparently in disbelief that football could be played regularly in such conditions. Even with the salty sea breeze whipping about them, the Pirates were not at all comfortable and often were mere spectators at the feast.

Tom Garner worked quickly into form, Tom Fisher kicked three goals and led from the front, Tom Gunning’s good form continued and up front, it was of course, an early matinee of the Minstrel Show due to be released later in the year.

ROSCOES:      5.6   14.8   17.14   21.17.143
PIRATES:        0.0      0.1     0.1        0.2.2

Goals: Anthony 8, Tom Fisher 3, Alcott 2, B.Gadsden, Ho, Harris, McLean, Otto, Macleod, Gunning, Garner.
Best: Anthony, Fisher, McLean, Gunning, Garner, Graham-Bowman. 



JULY 22nd, 2017 - 7.00 PM - Sportscover Arena



JULY 22nd, 2017 - 4.45 PM - Brighton Beach Oval

In an important twilight clash at home against local rivals Old Haileybury, the Tonners welcomed back several players who had been enjoying the sun in different parts of the world over the past few weeks..... In some of the worst conditions seen at the Beach Road Oval for several years, we jumped to a 15 point lead at quarter time after having the use of the hurricane like wind in the 1st quarter. Our defence in the 2nd and 4th quarters was outstanding conceding only 1 goal for the match while we kicked 2 goals in both the 1st and 3rd quarters with the wind to run out 17 point winners. 

This was an extraordinary turn around in form as we had only scored 1 point in the previous 2 games and the win has given our team a much need boost in confidence to take on Monash this Friday away at 7pm. The win was a great team performance! 

Old Brighton        2.3-15   2.3-15   4.4-28   4.4-28
Old Haileybury   0.0-0      0.3-3     0.3-3      1.5-11

Goal Kickers: Sophie Grant 2, Emma Lomas, Indi Tait 
Best Players: Evelyn Turek, Megan Yeoman, Iona Miller, Morgan McGregor, Indi Tait, Sophie Grant, Maddy Ogilvie, Emma Helmer

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