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By Mal Peter 17 Sep, 2017

Reserves through to the Grand Final after comprehensive win over Old Carey in Saturdays preliminary final!!

'Roscoes Ressies' will join the Seniors on Grand Final Day next Saturday after keeping Old Carey goalless in the first half and continuing the demolition in the 2nd half, winning by 51 points..

Both teams will play Old Scotch in a replay of the first week of finals in what shapes up as a huge day for the OBGFC.

By Mal Peter 13 Sep, 2017

Our champion co-skipper, Harry Hill, has blitzed the field in the Premier B, G.T. Moore Medal count, winning with 25 votes . Harry won by nine votes from Old Scotch skipper, Jack Bull. Our boys polled 90 of the 108 votes allocated to our matches. Harry produced a withering burst of form in the second half of the season, polling seven Best on Grounds in the last eight matches. One can only wonder what his tally would have been if he had not missed five games with a broken thumb! The radio commentators who spoke to Harry on air after the count, were gobsmacked when Harry clarified that “missing a couple”, actually meant five games!

Picking up a few in the first couple of matches, Harry wasn’t in the betting at the half-way mark, with team-mates Ben Jarick (11), Michael Karayannis (10), Andy Dewar (9) and Alex Mastromanno (9), all ahead of him. But those who had seen the Tonners’ matches were just waiting and rubbing our hands together in anticipation. Then came the rush! “Old Brighton … 3 votes … H. Hill”. It was like listening to a stuck record! Well done Harry. After claiming second place last year, you deserve this honour and we salute you. Harry might have stiffer opposition in our own vote count, but before then, there’s one more thing that needs to be done!

G.T.Moore Votes

Old Brighton Grammarians polled 90 of a possible 108 votes in the Premier B vote count for 2017.

Harry Hill                           25

Ben Jarick                         13

Michael Karayannis       10

Andrew Dewar                 9

Alex Mastromanno         9

Ben Jakobi                         4

Ollie Cavallaro                 4

Anthony Zimmerman     3

Nick Coroneos                 3

Dylan Verney                   2

Pat Liston                           2

Jimmy Davis                     2

Tom Fisher                         1

Tom King                           1

Matt Gadsden                 1

Brock Rawlinson             1


The Count provided the following fantastic result.

R1 v Peninsula:                 3- N.Coroneos                 2- H. Hill,             1 – M. Gadsden

R2 v Mazenod:                   3- A. Dewar                       2- B. Jarick         1 – H. Hill

R3 v Fitzroy:                       3 – A. Mastromano         2 – O. Cavallaro               1 – R. Angiolella (Fitzroy)

R4 v Monash Blues:         3- M. Karayannis             2- B. Jarick         1. D. Verney

R5 v Parkdale:                   3- B. Jarick                         2. A. Mastromanno         1. M. Karayannis

R6 v St. Bernards:             3. A. Dewar                       2. P. Liston         1. T. King

R7 v Old Carey:                 3. B. Jakobi                       2. M. Karayannis               1. L. Crozier (Old Carey)

R8 v Old Scotch:               3. A. Mastromanno         2. J.Bull (Old Scotch)       1. D. Verney

R9 v AJAX:                         3. N. Lewis (AJAX)             2. A. Dewar         1. M. Karayannis

R10 v Monash Blues:       3. K. Mason (Monash)     2. E.East (Monash)           1. T. Fisher

R11 v Fitzroy:                      3. H. Hill                             2. O. Cavallaro                 1. R. Angiolella (Fitzroy)

R12 v Parkdale:                 3. H. Hill                             2. M. Karayannis               1. A. Mastromanno

R13 v Peninsula:               3. H. Hill                             2. J. Davis                           1. M. Karayannis

R14 v Old Scotch:             3. H. Hill                             2. B. Jarick                         1. A. Dewar

R15 v St. Bernards:         3. C. Hughes (St.B)           2. T. Caven (St. B)             1. H. Hill

R16 v AJAX:                       3. H. Hill                             2. B. Jarick                         1. B. Rawlinson

R17 v Old Carey:               3. H. Hill                             2. B. Jarick                         1. A. Zimmerman

R18 v Mazenod:               3. H. Hill                             2. A. Zimmerman             1. B. Jakobi

By Mal Peter 10 Sep, 2017

OBGFC will return to the Premier Division for the first time since 2014 following their 23-point win over Old Scotch at Box Hill City Oval. The Tonners were in control from the outset as they kicked four unanswered goals in the first term, before keeping the Cardinals to just two despite having the bulk of the play in the second. Leading by 17 points after a heated first half, the minor premiers sent home another six goals to five in the second half to run out the game comfortable victors. Daniel Anthony and Anthony Zimmerman kicked two goals each and were named best for the Tonners

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